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Tantalisingly close.........Soya

Once again this year I have been viewing Soya trials conducted locally. The crop is traditionally grown in North & South America where the climatic conditions are well suited. However these “hot” varieties don’t grow well in England and their harvesting characteristics leave much to be desired.

The prospects for growing this crop within England is tantalising. There appears to be a market demand for some 2 million tonnes, the amount imported for animal feed and a small if not growing human consumption market. The selling price is respectable but the problem is still the same, no consistent commercial yield.

In terms of growing the crop, the plant requires a moist seedbed and can be grown on the majority of soil types across the South of England although it favours lighter land.

There is a need for a good pre-emergence spray and a follow up post emergence herbicide.

Sclerotinia is the one potential disease risk and may require a fungicide depending on conditions at the time. The crop dies naturally but can then rapidly decays dropping the pods and seed onto the floor.


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