BASIS PR no: R/E690          FACTS no: FE1126         NMP no: NMP/70


Philip Laughton has been BASIS registered since 1981 and is also a member of the BASIS professional register

He is also FACTS qualified and holds the Nutrient Management Certificate of Competence having recently completed his yearly annual assessment.


Philip became Technical Director of Technicrop Ltd in 1995 having been their Agronomist since 1985. Here he directed the company towards the adoption of new and innovative technology whilst prioritising training for all agronomy staff to the highest standards.


Following Technicrop's merger with Cargill Philip remained as a senior Agronomist continuing to deliver practical and valuable advice to his loyal client’s base. In 2017 he formed Revive Agronomy Ltd.


Today, your own farms Agronomy can benefit from the knowledge and services provided by a reputable and reliable company, Revive Agronomy.


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