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Research & Development

According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation’s estimates one in eight people suffers from chronic hunger.  Increasing agricultural yields and therefore availability of food is essential in tackling this problem.  However, things are only getting worse as population numbers increase and the West pays to import more of its food supply.

To some extent, yield growth can be achieved through improved use of existing technologies. However, targeted Research and Development is essential to generate new technologies that allow burgeoning food demand to be met.

Here at Revive Agronomy we learn from those who are investing in areas that offer answers to the challenges facing today’s farmers and growers.

In the field, we observe complex biological, physical and chemical interactions at different scales; discover, innovate and fast track new thinking, new ideas and technologies and then deliver to clients usable ideas that inspires action at the field gate.

That is why we are proud to support the use of commercially driven new and old technologies from the leading science based companies from around the world whether they are seed houses, fertiliser producers or chemical manufacturers, for without their inputs into your growing crops agricultural yields would not be maintained let alone grow in size.

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