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Independent Agronomy

Being an independent agronomist I work for the benefit of your business

The idea of uncertainty within the agricultural sector focuses ones mind on the choices available to enable business survival as well as success.


Variable costs influence yield and quality for each individual field or crop.  Selling price influences gross output.  Costs minus returns result in the Gross Margin achieved. However, careful attention to fixed cost management is paramount for any business.

As an Independent Agronomist I am tasked by you, to review the spend on inputs such as seed, fertiliser and agrochemicals to determine which route consistently achieves the best Gross Margin. However my focus does not stop there.  By considering the farm, its rotation and many other aspects the advice is positioned within a plan that encompasses the years ahead.  By understanding your business requirements and planning ahead nasty and often costly surprises can be avoided.


This commitment, vision and forethought can, at times, involve difficult conversations, explaining why change may be needed on farm to sustain and assure the long term profitability of the business.


My ability to recommend cropping plans which rely less on purchased inputs is easy and straight forward and something not offered by other Agronomist who have sales targets and objectives of supply company managers to meet. 

Being an independent agronomist I work for the benefit of your business, I have no commercial agenda, sales target or management team to satisfy.

Ultimately, the focus on crop production comes down to an unparalleled level of trust between farmer and agronomist. Trust that is earned and fully appreciated as to its meaning.


You have your crops; you are obliged to invest money in crop production to capitalise on them.  Using a reputable and knowledgeable independent agronomist ensures that your spending decisions are based on good value purchases and move you closer to your stated objectives. 

Service based Agronomy
Independent Agronomist.


It is a fact that with the decline in numbers of approved agrochemicals the supply trade have fewer products on which to achieve a margin. 

To counter this there has been a shift to sales of products and services with little legislative scrutiny or the provision of meaningful data to support the additional cost within a programme, enterprise or business.

Over many years businesses have come to trust the integrity of Philips recommendations.  This is now supported by the Association of Independent Crop Consultancy’s (AICC) Code of Conduct that excludes reward or remuneration being tied in any way to products advised upon.

You can be sure that advice on inputs is financial the best for your business.

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