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Revive Agronomy effectively communicates simple and practical levels of advice to meet the stated objectives of the farm business.  This advice is centred on profitable crop production whilst meeting the legal and environmental requirements of the day.


This ability to communicate has some of its foundation in the work Philip conducted in the 1980’s at Rothamsted Research Station.  Here, work involved direct communication with the scientific community and then taking thoughts and products into the field and effectively communicating such ideas to farm staff engaged in enacting science from the tractor seat.   Today that basic principle remains the same, taking true science to the field for the commercial benefit of individual farm businesses.

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In agriculture we are most fortunate to operate our businesses the way we do, there is ample opportunity to enjoy our endeavours as well as prosper from them. 

Here at Revive Agronomy we take a personal interest in the success of your business.  We care about getting the best results from your business plan.



The Revive Agronomy Integrated Farm Management System is advancing the frontiers of knowledge to enable farmers to balance the demands of the consumer with the need to make a profit and protect the environment.

The theory behind the Revive Agronomy Integrated Farm Management system is simple enough. It combines the best of modern technology with the basic principles of good traditional farming practice. It considers not only Integrated Crop and Pest Management but also utilises the interaction of grassland and enterprises such as livestock and Agri-environment schemes within a whole farm system and in so doing addresses the needs of the majority of UK farms.

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To some extent, yield growth can be achieved through improved use of existing technologies. However, targeted Research and Development is essential to generate new technologies that allow burgeoning food demand to be met.

Environment & Sustainability
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Conservation, improvement of the environment and biodiversity on farms coupled with sustainable farming practices are key goals of the UK Government’s 150 page document the “25 yr Environment Plan.” 

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