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Why Choose REVIVE?





Ensuring you have the right team about you within your business is paramount to success. These people are those you trust, have the necessary experience, who share your aims and your enthusiasm. Having the right agronomist as part of your team strengthens your position towards achievement.

Using information and data provided by clients such as current results achieved, it is possible to identify any gaps there may be in performance.  Once this is done it is then possible to agree new or more realistic target outcomes.  By further discussion of possible solutions it is then down to implementation of an agreed plan in a decisive and practical manner.  Results can sometimes take one or more seasons to express themselves but by visual or empirical monitoring, recording and reporting such measurement can provide evidence of success or otherwise.  In this way Philip is able to support you in your business of profitably growing crops in a cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly way.

This is bespoke advice is not based or influenced by sales targets upon Seed, Fertiliser or Agrochemical products since Revive Agronomy is truly INDEPENDENT and has no commercial bias. 

Using Integrated Farm Management as the cornerstone of productivity you can be assured there are solution options to all business challenges not just those advertised in the farming press.


Our reputation has stood the test of time, fathers, sons and now their sons have utilised the services of Revive Agronomy.


We take pride in your achievements whether the end results are visible in the field or hidden in store at the end of the season.


Having decades of practical experience we are better able to recognise that which can and cannot be done and that if a solution is required the easiest and simplest ones are often the best.


What ever level of productivity your business plan calls for we will tailor our recommendations to enable you to meet it.


Agricultural profitability runs in cycles, knowing where and when to make recommendations for investment to provide the highest chance of economic returns is what we are acutely aware of.


Utilising the services of Revive Agronomy you can be secure in the knowledge that an agreed business goal is attainable.

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