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Revive Agronomy Ltd COVID-19 Statement

Naturally, from the outset of the Coronavirus outbreak back in March 2020 Revive has taken every precaution to action safe practices in the business to protect the business as well as our farmers. We have maintained a full uninterrupted service throughout and will continue to do so.

Best Practice measures in place are:

* Personally adhere to the Government and WHO guidelines
* We have not been out of the UK since the start of the pandemic
* Philip works solo in the field and from the home office
* Telephone Contact Service continues as normal
* Recommendations are sent via email
* Meetings with farmers are in the field whilst maintaining the social distance rule
* Meetings with professional bodies such as AICC etc are undertaken via the Zoom Platform
* Goods to farm are direct from the supplier who have their own COVID-19 policies in place
* Contact with other professional bodies undertaken via telephone and email


03/03/2021 - UPDATE
Today Philip Laughton received his first Covid Vaccination

25/05/2021- UPDATE
Today Philip Laughton received his second Covid Vaccination

26/11/2021- UPDATE 
Today Philip Laughton received his Booster Covid Vaccination