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Weed control in linseed is always lots of fun. So many weeds, different sizes, protracted emergence and little crop competition to assist.

As a spring crop it is useful in the war on Black grass. There is some time to get the first spray on and it is worth noting that crop yield potential is only reduced where grass-weed biomass is allowed to develop to a level which equalled that of the linseed crop before removal.

Typical yield responses to overall weed control can range (in trials) from 0.6 to 0.7 t/ha. The critical period for weed removal is linked to the balance between crop and weed biomass. However, this balance will be influenced by any factors affecting crop vigour significant of which is “season.”

In years where early spring growth is limited by seasonal conditions and crops do not appear to develop as well, an increase in sensitivity to weed competition occurs. In other seasons delays in weed control can be delayed without penalty.

This is worth noting where the application of herbicides poses a potential risks such as during periods of frost which can exacerbate sensitivity to herbicide and result in further crop set back.


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