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Another crop worthy of desiccation is spring linseed. Whilst assessing this crop of Marquis it is pleasing to note that the stems seem brittle and easy to snap without desiccation being required. That means it is a matter of killing off any weed in the bottom of the crop that could confound the harvesting operation.

Interestingly it highlights the issue around black grass management. Glyphosate is a translocated herbicide and it is recommended not to apply the active to crops with a moisture content of >30%. This is in part due to the fact that the chemical can move into the seed itself. Maybe not killing it outright but significantly altering its growth and development hopefully leading to less of a problem in any following crop.

The life cycle of black grass seed is fascinating and very complicated. The half stories found in popular magazines is one reason the farming communities continue to battle with this weed.

Watch out for an up and coming blog on this subject!

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