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The very best Peshwari Naan

This year saw the loss of Carbetamide from the UK pesticide armoury. That means propyzamide is now the only residual alternative. Since Propyzamide is used “now” I thought I would do a little background reading on the product.

In 2016 the European Food Safety Authority considered the safety data relating to Propyzamide use in oilseed rape. They identified gaps in the data relating to the fact that no one had considered whether there would be any residues in pollen and bee products produced for human consumption resulting from residues taken up by honeybees from crops at blossom.

Much as I am as concerned about the safety of bees along with the safety of the honey that I put on my Peshwari Naan when I have a curry on Saturday night, I somehow can’t help but wonder why they need this supporting data when one considers how and when Propyzamide is used within the winter oilseed rape crop and that which is written on the product label. Maybe I, too, am missing an important piece of data in my understanding of this valuable and important product.


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