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The value of 1 t of Nitrogen Fertiliser?

The price of Nitrogen is still very high but many are now in the process of purchasing for next seasons cropping.

Ammonium Nitrate is trading at a premium to Urea so why not consider using Urea and grab yourself a bargain!

In 1965, global consumption of nitrogen fertilisers stood at some 46.0 million metric tonnes. By 2019, this amount had increased to over 190 million tonnes of which some 50% was sold and used as Urea.

More recently we have had the government consultation proposing a ban on solid Urea which they blame for releasing ammonia, which combines with other pollut­ants to form particulate matter, which then adversely affects human health.

Considering these two stand points what else should we consider?

“Replicated experiments funded by DEFRA have shown that at 200 kg/ha of Nitrogen per hectare, ammonium nitrate (AN) treated crops yielded more than those supplied with Urea in 77% of cases and gave a higher grain protein content.”

Ammonia emissions from winter cereals, (volatilisation.)

AN 3% Urea 22%

Crop recovery of applied inorganic nitrogen

AN 100% Urea 89%

Extra fertiliser required to compensate for this +20%

This is of course, untreated urea. That is an inhibitor is NOT included with the fertiliser.

What then happens when you add an inhibitor?

Can I add my buying price saving of £50.00 / t to a £70 - £140.00 / ha fertiliser application saving and achieve the yield and quality I expect from Ammonium Nitrate?

Maybe now is the time to talk to your agronomist!


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