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Between the lines.

It is always interesting to look at trial results, especially those produced by the AHDB. The yields achieved in the oilseed rape crops during harvest 2022, were of course impressive and then there is of course many ifs and buts associated with what is reported, as they say, the devil is in the detail!

Just looking at one aspect of the results you can see that the majority of the crops were drilled in August. However, a simple calculation shows that the best yielding crops came from those drilled in September.

This is of course well known, but often forgotten or overlooked in light of media hysteria surrounding oilseed rape establishment, especially since we lost the invaluable Neonicotinoid seed dressings.

Interestingly you can obtain a report “Insights 2022 By Type, Application and Regions” for Neonicotinoid use with Forecast growth in use up until 2028. The Global Neonicotinoid Pesticides market is huge, currently estimated to be in the order of US$3.0 billion rising to US$4.5 by 2028.

However, the delay in planting oilseed rape crops has once again proved to be hugely successful in achieving autumn establishment whilst minimising damage from a range of pests. We still have some 21 days of potentially good growing weather which means that crops will have achieved sufficient physical size and development to stand them in good stead as they go into the winter months.


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