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Philip takes a “whole farm approach" looking after our needs as a mixed farming business. 

Knowledgeable and informative from fertiliser to sprays covering all areas from grass/maize silage to grazing for dairy cows and young stock and husbandry of our combinable crops.  All we need in one complete package.

Farmer & Landowner

Philip Laughton was my Agronomist at Boddington Estates for twenty-five years until my retirement. Philip was of enormous help during that time, he had an excellent working relationship with both the arable and woodland staff, and they respected him. Philip was instrumental in us trying a few new varieties each year in a small way to evaluate them before planting a large acreage. He was on the farm every week sometimes twice, and his attention to detail was superb.

I have the upmost respect for the man, he always arrived neat and tidy and on time for our meetings, complete with costings and up to date information.

Farm Manager

Our yields have gone up our costs have come down and last year 2020 the quality was Milling wheat for most of it.  This year our crops look as good as ever.

Phillips advice on Wheat, Barley, Rape, Misscanthus have been economically given.  He also has sorted out the Christmas Trees and Ragwort problems.

He produces all documentation for Agronomy and Fertilizer applications.

His expertise in giving advise and information on all farming aspects is first class.   


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