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The Four Seasons

There are no official definitions of the duration of spring, summer, autumn and winter however, September 22nd is when autumn is said to start here in the UK.

It does seem to me that after Bonfire night the days do really shorten and with only another 7 days thereafter to get anything “done” outside before winter really sets in (December, January, February.)

One minute it was summer time, the combines were working and early Oil Seed Rape was drilled. Now the drills are finished and I think we are all delighted with what has been a wonderful autumn.

I have been busy this autumn, lots to see and do and a steadily increasing area of Oil Seed Rape in the ground. I do see a variety of things when I am from place to place. One item of note is machinery. There have been several new pieces of equipment I have glanced at some of which appear very shiny others lacking in lustre!

Interestingly they all come out and get used in fields closest the road, then when the wrong thing happens the results are all plain to see.


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