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The Discerning Connoisseur

Fresh beer is more attractive than stale beer. Dark beer more attractive than light or even lager. Unfiltered more than filtered.

Slugs are connoisseurs when it comes to food and drink with wine (red or white) ethanol, methanol, vinegar and water - of little interest to them.

Slugs are able to distinguish between foods with different starch concentrations with starch being more attractive to them than sugars such as maltose or glucose.

I guess that is why the little perishers never seem to give up eating wheat crops. Seems like they attack the seed you plant, the plants as they grow and even damage the flag leaf during the month of June. Little blighters!

Weather patterns do affect their activity. Optimal conditions for activity are characterised as a warm, still night with plenty of surface moisture about.

Across the wide range of slug species it can be said that activity begins to diminish below 5 degree’s C although some species keep going down to just before freezing actually begins. Once these temperatures are hit slugs move down the profile and hibernate.


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