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Spring Peas and their seedbeds

Planting of peas began a short while ago. Things must have gone well since this week they began popping their heads up in to the overnight frosts!

There are principle objectives to creating a reasonable seedbed for pea planting. It needs to be fine enough to allow even depth for drilling without loss of, tilth, aeration or drainage. Clod size needs to be minimised to improve herbicide performance and stones need depressing should the peas (perish the thought) lodge.

Text book drilling dates are from 1st of March although like most crops they do prefer to be planted into soil that is warming up.

Seed rates should be given consideration. Pea type (market suitability) plant growth characteristics and lodging risk all form part of the calculation.

After that it’s a matter of keeping the pigeons off and ensuring a suitable pre emergence herbicide is applied.


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