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Soil Consistence

Summer 2021 brought a mixed bag of weather. Mean UK temperatures for June and July were slightly warmer and rainfall amounts varied enormously. For autumn 2021 it was predicted that a milder and drier than average season was in store. Temperatures were forecast to be above the 30-year average with the positive anomalies tending to come during September and October. November was expected to be the coolest and probably wettest of the three months relative to the averages. As it turned out we have experienced quite a wonderful autumn especially when compared to more recent years.

That means that what ever the colour of tractor or drill used things have worked out well as far as establishment is concerned.

However, it does not mean that we should have, or continue to, rest on our laurels. The need for adequate and effective drainage on our clay soils is still a number one priority and requires continued and increased investment within. Soil consistence is a term used to describe the physical condition of a soil at various moisture contents, as evidenced by the behaviour of that soil towards mechanical stresses or manipulations. (Don't get on it when it's too wet!)


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