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Finger on the Pulse

The word “pulses” comes from an ancient Greek word for “thick soup or porridge.” Historic data shows that peas were consumed in Switzerland as long ago as the Stone Age whereas here in Britain it appears we did not turn “vegetarian” for our protein until the 11th Century.

Peas generally do better in dry conditions primarily because they do not seem to tolerate waterlogging. So what is meant by waterlogging?

Two terms are often applied, anoxia and hypoxia. Specifically, anoxia is a condition in which there is an absence of oxygen supply to the cells. Hypoxia is a condition in which there is a decrease of oxygen to the cells, in the case with peas, possibly not down to waterlogging but perhaps due to compaction of the soil.

So far this season waterlogging has not been a particular issue with spring crop establishment. This crop of peas was effectively direct drilled into a less than ideal seed bed. It germinated evenly and emerged well; now, apart from background Pea and Bean Weevil damage it appears to be growing on steadily.

I trust we will get a 25 mm of rain in the next fortnight; it will help maintain growth and development as well as improve the opportunity for larger amounts of nitrogen to be fixed FREE from the atmosphere. Another financial benefit for growing this particular crop


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