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Black Friday

The day that became a week that became a month does not directly affect your choice of products to use during the autumn since it occurs a bit too late. As yet I have not come across any Agricultural retailers who are offering “25% off” for all your spring purchases!

So, what has been good value for money this autumn. What has worked and what has not? Where should you have spent your money considering the proposed selling price for cereals and Oil Seed rape at harvest 2022.

There are many methods employed in this decision-making process but one of those should be the consideration of facts generated from trials work. All trials work is valid and useful. It can tell us what to do and possibly more importantly what not to do. That’s why, with the help of my clients, I find it a valuable asset to help businesses that invest in such work. At least if they make a mistake, we will not be repeating it next year!


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