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Beet the Bugs!

Research shows that treating seed with one or more pesticides is the most economical and efficient way to protect seed from pest attack whilst improving seed quality standards. The term “treated” means “to give an application of a pesticide or subject seed to a process designed to reduce, control or repel disease organisms, insects or other pests which attack the seed or seedlings.”

With the removal of effective insecticidal seed treatments for beet, the crop is now open to attack by at least 18 individually named pests. No wonder the loss of neonicotinoid seed dressings has had such a dramatic effect on the growing of this crop.

The Global value of seed treatments could be estimated at over $8 billion and has a growth rate of circa 10% per annum. Why? The demand for high quality agricultural output by governments and regulation agencies “world wide” is encouraging the use of seed treatments to contribute to the production of healthy and uniform crops, whilst minimising overall pesticide applications!


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