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Barley yellow dwarf virus

One virus, very much in the news and another we talk about mainly in the autumn is now also “headlining” March 2021.

Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), a member of the Luteoviruses and one of a group of five closely related virus strains.

BYDV is transmitted by more than 20 aphid species. Two of the most important are the oat bird-cherry aphid and the English grain aphid. Aphids acquire BYDV by feeding on infected plants and transmit the virus in subsequent feedings.

So once more driving from client to client and farming from the seat of the 4 wheel drive I spotted something that did not quite look right. Stopping the vehicle and jumping a dyke I took a closer look. Sure enough this was the first BYDV symptoms I had seen this spring. Not much to be done about it now but I do wonder how much more is going to show up as the season progresses.


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