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Apparently plants can become aroused from the application of Biostimulants when used alone or when used alongside a partner product. Therefore, if you subscribe to tree hugging or talking to plants as a means of arousal this can also work to your advantage. However, not every plant feels equally stimulated in such ways and that is the reason results can sometimes be unpredictable or inconsistent.

The beauty of a plant Biostimulant is that it contains substances and/or microorganisms that stimulate natural plant processes. Effect of Biostimulants are often promoted as independent of their nutrient content and improvements to one or more of many plant characteristics will occur directly in the plant, or the plant rhizosphere.

As such the main role of a Biostimulant should not be to provide fertilisation or pesticidal activity. (Any product marketed as a pesticide must have a Ministerially Approved Pesticide Product (MAPP) number.)

Due to the lack of agreement on what a Biostimulant actually is there are no frameworks for regulating Biostimulants in the EU, The USA or other countries.

However the EU has a plan. The EU Fertilising Products regulation will apply to all fertilising products (including Biostimulants) that are placed on the market in the EU after 16th July 2022. But, did we not just say that "a Biostimulant should not be to provide fertilisation.”

Is this regulation really going to encourage manufactures to offer greater honesty and transparency about claims being made?

Manufacturer One

Biostimulants can increase the normal growth capacity of plants, but do not have a direct effect on plant diseases or pests

Manufacturer Two

A type of brown seaweed that can induce hormone-like activity.

The composition of the product can have an effect on many plant processes that could subsequently result in improved plant growth and yield.

Manufacture Three

Biostimulants should boost crop yield.

Interesting how the qualifying works “can, could and should” occur within statements.

Currently Biostimulants appear as increasingly important ideas, but at best growers must understand what it is they are using such products for, once you know why you are using them you can set out to measure how successfully they perform.

EU Legislation. Proof

“Claims for the effects of a Biostimulant product are required to be supported by evidence from crop trials.”


You use can to indicate that something is true sometimes or is true in some circumstances.

You use can when you are mentioning a quality or fact about something which people may make use of if they want to.

You use could to indicate that something sometimes happens.

You use should when you are saying that something is probably the case or will probably happen in the way you are describing.


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