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As we come out of a long wet winter crops don’t always look at their best. The work load increases for everyone and my working day begins at 7 in the morning and finishes as it gets dark. Paperwork, although I guess the modern expression is computer generated reports, phone conversations and field walking occupy each day. Week days and weekends all sort of merge together. No real complaints, I have a great occupation and enjoy seeing the countryside and all it has to offer along side an impressive Agricultural Industry.

DEFRA 11/12/2020

This release presents a forecast for Total Income from Farming for the United Kingdom for 2020.

Key Messages (2020 compared to 2019):

• Weather conditions coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic have been key influencing factors on agricultural income this year. The variable and extreme weather conditions affected crop production and lowered yields whilst the global pandemic led to supply chain disruption and impacted on farm-gate prices.

• Total Income from Farming is expected to be £4,151 million, a decrease of £1,127 million (-21%).

• Agriculture is expected to contribute £9,360 million to the national economy (Gross Value Added), a decrease of £1,048 million (-10%).


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