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Water in Beans

A large area of beans was planted in March 2020. They were drilled into very sodden soil after a wet winter. Emergence was very good where “direct drills” were used and not so good where more conventional techniques were employed.

After that we hit “12 weeks” of dry weather and the beans did not make the vegetative growth they needed to produce a commercial yield this harvest.

There is at least one scientific paper upon the effects moisture has on the above ground biomass of the field bean crop.

Water deficit at the beginning of the crop growth (first to 4th trifoliate leaf stage) dramatically reduced bean growth and development and resulted in a significant reduction in seed yield.

However, the degree to which vegetative growth and seed yield was reduced depends on the weather conditions. Reducing water by 25% below field capacity resulted in an average reduction of 30% in seed yield. This reduction in seed yield was significantly correlated with a decline in pods per plant and seed weight.

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