• Philip

The Price of Peas

This is the third in my series on peas having started in May with our Focus on Peas and then in June Perfect Peas. The pea crop is coming to the end of its growing season. The haulm is loosing its colour and the plants are at the onset of senescence.

The world pea yield record sits a 7.5t/ha but I don’t think with the patchiness of many crops this is going to be a record breaking commercial season. Maybe something closer to 5.6t/ha at 14.0% moisture is possible on the good crops, time will tell.

A pea crop can follow second year winter wheat crops and are best in something like a seven-year rotation, grown on a well-structured soil that allows for an unimpeded root system.

Harvest will be interesting! No Diquat this year so back to Glyphosate – but then that was ever sold as a desiccant.

Market wise feed-quality pea price could be £180/t ex-farm or maybe low-grade human consumption could fetch a price of £235-240/t, let’s see what the quality is like off the combine.

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