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The Benefits of Strobes - OSR

End of the season for Oil Seed Rape crops and with little disease in any of the crops there is no need to apply any more fungicide… or is there?

Usually, fungicides are used to control and prevent diseases, however, the strobilurins (strobes) also offer physiological effects.

Strobes modify the plant physiology, through changes in metabolism and growth, which increases crop yield.

Strobes are systemic fungicides that operate preventively and have little curative effect, but the preventive application of these products yields benefits, in addition to protecting against disease the plant also responds by increasing production through the chemicals physiological benefits.

The physiological effects in a healthy plant are due to the increase in net photosynthesis (true photosynthesis minus dark respiration and photorespiration) due to a temporary reduction in plant respiration, which leads to less carbon dioxide loss and consequently, generates more energy for the plant.

There is also an increase in antioxidant enzymes which provokes an increased tolerance to stress. It also results in higher activity of nitrate reductase and a better hormonal balance, increasing the synthesis of indolyl acetic acid (IAA) and abscisic acid (ABA) as well as reduced ethylene production, delayed senescence and prolonged photosynthetic efficiency, known as "the greening effect". .

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