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The appeal of Maize

Lots of things like to eat the maize crop once the seed is planted. This year is no exception. One discussion point has been that of bird damage and seed treatments.

Agrochemicals are sold after testing to prove they are of minimum, negligible or no effect on non target species including birds. It is always best to remember that and make sure you remind others of this simple fact. Perish the thought that the public may be misled by the popular press.

Keeping birds away from seed can be a problem as illustrated by these photographs. A good place to perch and a ready supply of food could be construed as people queuing outside a large Supermarket in the current Covid scenario!

A chemical from outside of agriculture has caught peoples imagination, 9, 10-Anthraquinone. This chemical has little in the way of data to illustrate it is toxic, probably because it is so insoluble in water and has been documented since 2003.

Many important drugs are derivatives of anthroquinone (collectively called anthracenediones). They include those which work as Laxatives.

So, the one good thing about any bird that has eaten seed with this active applied to it, is that once they have eaten it their lives will be hell for the next 24 hours!

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