• Philip

Spring Beans

We last discussed the Spring Bean crop on the 22nd May....

Spring beans may not have made much growth but they are flowering quite readily. What will kill the crop first? The lack of rain, pests or disease? Well we did get 25 mm of rain so maybe that means it will be disease.

Two diseases, Rust and Chocolate spot, are now a bit too easy to find and just starting is mildew. There are literally 100’s of products on the Chemical Register Directorates recommended product list for disease control but only 3 or 4 active ingredients.

The first fungicide has been applied at the onset of flowering and the rate of compound leaf production per week can be 6 to 8. That means very quickly we have unprotected growth with a requirement to apply a second spray.

The Black bean aphid has made an early appearance and if these colonies continue to grow in number and frequency they too will require control.

In the mean time crops look good. Well established with a good plant population, weed free and starting to pod.

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