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Soya Bean...late harvest

During the month of October we have had several wet days and I have seen mud on the road from farm machinery. I know there are a few fields of late maize yet to harvest but they are within a ring fence so that should not prove to problematical.

Earlier in the year I wrote about my observations around Haricot beans (June, August) , these were harvested quite some time ago.

I have also been observing one or two crops of Soya dotted around the counties. One I noticed this week is yet to be harvested. The crop appeared fit to cut some time ago. It was dead yet the beans were not dry or hard.

The plant population was below target and overall crop growth was restricted during the season. I would guess the variable costs were low. Seed and maybe one herbicide.

It just seems a bit of a shame that after all the trials and tribulations of 2020 this crop is not, as yet safely gathered in.

No is the answer. Soya does not like to stand with its feet in water.

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