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Thinking back to last autumn there is a huge temptation to drill early this year.

In general, drilling such fields in September or early October will lead to uncontrollable black grass and a failed crop.

Can wholecrop wheat help to reduce blackgrass? It does provide a source of forage and some financial return from the land; the ensiling process and heating up in manure reducing the viability of any seed.

Some fields (this one in the photo) were NOT sown to wheat and the blackgrass was allowed to grow. It was mown in May and the resultant crop removed for forage. Next it will receive a non selective herbicide and after that?

The point to remember? Where you have a field where blackgrass herbicides will cost you in excess of £100.00 per ha your average percent control can be under 30% (according to NIAB / TAG trials from the 19/20 crop!)

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