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Progressive Learning

Throughout the year I learn more and more about the industry in which I work. During the winter there are meetings and technical conferences upon a wide range of topics from seed variety choice to carbon sequestration and government legislation.

This winter is very different in that there is nothing to physically “attend.” That said there are meetings to attend under the title of “Zoom” or “Team.” I sit in front of a computer screen, watch, listen and soak up the ideas and thoughts of others many miles away sat in their own offices.

This week it is the Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC) three day conference.

The agenda is relevant and wide with subject areas for Day 1 that include:-

AICC fungicide and herbicide trials

Grass weed control

Ramularia in barley

Oil Seed Rape varieties and nitrogen.

A few key summary lines so far.

Fungicides: Cereals. There are 4 new actives awaiting approval with the potential for 1 by June 2021 the other 3 most likely 2022.

Don’t believe everything you see from 2020 trials data, the season spoilt meaningful results.

Solubility of fertiliser was “critical” in the very dry spring of 2020 as was the application date and rate.

Italian ryegrass resistance is the new fashion statement to have on farm as are Winter Wild oats (not Spring!) Not sure where this came from since HGCA published work from 1999, 2001 and 2007 said the same thing. However it is much in vogue!

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