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A single field of potatoes with several items to consider just from a cursory walk along the rows.

The crop is well ridged up and the tops are emerging quite evenly down the rows so what else?

Headland wheeling’s If you don’t leave enough room on the headland for access then you end up damaging the headland ridges. This leads to the risk of “greens potatoes” at harvest and potentially increasing the possibility of misses at the end with the sprayer. Just one of which can become a blight hot spot later in the season

Fertiliser – Nitrogen

The rate required varies significantly and does require careful thought prior to planting. A large proportion (2/3rds) is best placed in the soil comprising the ridge. The rest can be (according to RB209) broadcast prior to tuber initiation. However, when I look at the location of the majority of the prills (in the base of the ridge) I do wonder how efficient recovery of this fertiliser actually is when you consider the majority of the roots are in the soil ridge not in the trough itself.

Weed control

Pre emergence herbicides are the best course of action. Any tidy up sprays damage the crop. Is damage acceptable? What about leaving these weeds to grow with the crop and killing them at harvest time? Is that acceptable?

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