• Philip

Perfect Peas

Our first focus on peas was back on the 11th May, so we visit the crop again.

Peas are supposed to be a cool season crop, enjoying temperatures of 13 -18C and so well suited to the UK climate. Over the years (anywhere from 1928 onwards) work has been done to establish the effect of temperature and water stress on pea yields.

In summary the later you plant your crop, the greater the temperatures it is subjected to and the amount of water stress it endures add together to depress yields.

The period of time where these three components have the greatest negative effects on yield is that between flowering and harvest although from these early investigations not one critical period could be determined.

Considering the crops I look after then I could say I have the correct plant populations, adequate soil nutrition, with weeds, pests and diseases under control. All that is missing would appear to be rain and some not too hot days in between!

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