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OSR - What Next?

I was told that one farmer had said to another that the 20/21 Oil Seed Rape crop was only a success when it was over the weigh bridge next August. All that seems a long way off today!

Another farmer asked if what he had done this year had worked in comparison to other crops. I had to reply I did not know for sure. However, there will very shortly be reports in the national magazines on the subject and of course at least one of the major manufacturers has done their own survey.

A few things known already. The national area planted is down to around 350,000 ha from closer to 600,000 a few years ago. The majority of crops were planted in early August. It rained – that helped!

So what should we look out for next?

“Even in Hampshire and down into Wiltshire and Dorset, we are starting to see affected spots in fields for the first time. It is a growing problem in the wetter West, such as Herefordshire, where forage crops are grown, as they act like a bridge crop in the rotation.

Wet conditions in August and September also ramp it up.”

Identification is relatively easy. Growers will start to see the odd affected plant in a field; symptoms of Club root are obvious.

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