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OSR – November tasks

There are a number of issues relevant to the OSR crop that are dealt with by the use of the sprayer during November and December.

These include broad leaf and grass weeds along with disease (Phoma and light leaf spot.)

Grass weeds. Propyzamide is the main topic under discussion, whether to apply or not to apply, based on soil temperatures. In reality where clay soils support a population of blackgrass it is more a matter of “can I get the machine in the field” rather than how warm the soil is. For some this is a moot point since the chemical has already been applied and from what I can see is working very nicely (as these photos illustrate.)

Broad Leaf Weeds. Cruciferae weeds. These include charlock, hedge mustard, black mustard and wild radish. Of these charlock is by far the easiest to kill with conventional chemistry (symptoms of herbicide damage in the photos.) The others require a bit more persuasion to die!

Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle larval damage can now be found at low levels. Tip the plants upside down and have a look for petiole mining (as per the photos.) Are these low levels down to “Good luck” or good management?

Then the two diseases. Phoma appeared early on and treatment has been advised. As for Light leaf spot, well I keep looking but as yet even the incubated samples show nil and the “Spot Check” results appear to confirm this.

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