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OSR Harvest

Harvest of winter oil seed rape is now complete. Yields have reflected what we thought. The flooded headlands had nothing and the best bits of the field were (according to the satellite mapping) reaching 7.0 t/ha.

What will be the field average? Well playing with numbers. One 10 ha field; 20% missing leaving 8 ha of crop. A yield of 0 to 7 t/ha meaning the average is 3.5t/ha. 3.5 * 8 ha = 28 t. Divide 28 t by 8 and we have 2.8t/ha. Curiously the UK average for OSR reported for 2020.

As for desiccation with Glyphosate, where the crop is variable it is better to treat when the later part of the field is at the correct growth stage in order to minimise the risk of red seed.

From looking at the trailer loads our timing of desiccation was pretty good yet looking at the stubbles the Glyphosate has done little to “dry out” the bottom of the stems.

I note with interest that reports outside of Gloucestershire indicate oil contents are lower than usual, averaging 40-42% with moisture levels about 10%.


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