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One weed too many....

In my earlier blog on Game Cover I did comment about planning a weed control strategy ahead of planting this years game cover crops. As you can see in the photos the diversity of plant species is high and the size of plant beyond 4 true leaves (maximum text book size for control.)

Now we have the task of reducing crop competition in a bid to ensure “shooting success” later on.

In the photographs you can see two different species of thistle. For control Dow Shield is the classic choice for such situations. The problem is the limited weed spectrum of this active ingredient and the limitations upon weed sizes.

Then we have the classic, Fat hen. Had a pre em been applied it would have reduced the weed density and there are one or two products to choose from.

It is also worth remembering that Quinoa is a member of the “Fat hen” family, so planting a species mix containing this crop type limits your options on Fat hen control.

Also seen here is a monocot (maize) planted with a dicot (a brassica) this does make further herbicide choice difficult.

Perhaps with a little creative thinking we will come up with a solution!

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