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Oat Control in Wheat

Continuing on from our post yesterday on identification of wild oats, we shall now consider control of oat in wheat, winter and spring sown.

“Atlantis” usually kills off the oat population but can be damaging to the crop under adverse weather conditions as seen in this photo taken in 2012.

To avoid a situation where the overall cost of the action is greater than the yield increase achieved by removing the oat population alternative treatments need to be sought. There are several. The one employed here is the use of “Topik.”

Oats are often hidden in the base of the crop so covering the target with enough chemical is paramount in achieving control. After 10 days you then see the effects of the herbicide upon the Oat. The last emerging middle leaf turns yellow and eventually dies along with the growing point of the plant.

Choosing the correct rate and applied at the appropriate growth stage you can achieve 100% kill on the oats, have no crop effects and have another £20.00 / ha in your pocket.

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