• Philip

Net Blotch in Barley

The disease Net Blotch is seed and trash borne. It reduces the yields of both winter and spring barley, but tends to be more important in the winter barley crop.

Currently it is estimated that the trash borne phase is the main source of inoculum however this year infection from spring barley volunteers has already occurred.

The disease is found across the UK, with no variation in risk between regions. It is insidious in its attack and where symptoms continue to develop through the winter and into the early spring a yield loss of 10% is to be expected where it is not well controlled.

Growing a resistant barley variety reduces the risk however; the pathogen has the ability to overcome genetic resistance so nothing is totally safe.

Not growing barley after barley and ploughing to minimising previous crop debris and volunteer numbers significantly reduces the risk although the disease does not mind blowing over the hedge from your neighbour’s field!

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