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More on Oat Control

Oat control in wheat, winter and spring sown.

In an earlier blog I talked about the use of “Atlantis” in winter wheat and the concern I have for damaging a crop and especially to spring sown wheat’s.

The alternatives such as “Topik” do still work well as demonstrated in this winter wheat crop.

The field had suffered after the wet winter and although a commercial crop it was not a prize winner so was not going to stand a huge spend if it was to present anything of a margin at harvest.

Lots of oats and all of a reasonable size (my trowel is about 12” long or 300 mm.) Here a tank mix of “half rate Topik” + broad leaf weed spray and adjuvant has rendered these chaps pretty much dead. For a total cost of around £20.00 ha I don’t think that is too outrageous. The poppies were a fair size as well …!

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