• Philip

Low green area index

The Oat Growth Guide from Opti-Oat makes interesting reading.

However this year all the cereals are caught with this “low green area index” problem.

If you don’t have “the right amount” of straw you are unlikely to get the yield you would like.

Looking at this crop a few points to note. Good plant number evenly distributed across the field. Grass weed control is a challenge if you did not get any autumn herbicide applied pre emergence. That means it is not a cleaning crop in this respect. Broad leaved weeds are a little easier providing you don’t overdo things.

Growth regulator. Not absolutely essential this year!

Disease. The two common ones are Crown Rust and Mildew and it is worth considering treatment for these two. The right fungicides can be highly effective and result in a significant yield increase over untreated.

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