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Liquid Losses……

It rained this last weekend, maybe a bit too much (75 mm)?

To grow all field crops need soil, water, air and light (sunshine.) The soil stores the water and nutrients which the plants can take up through their roots.

Plants need soil, water, air and sunlight......

Without water crops cannot grow. English arable crops do not like to grow "with their feet in the water".

Farmers constantly battle with two important questions regarding water.

What to do if there is too much? What to do if there is too little?

Too much and the ground is saturated. That which runs away under gravity leaves the field at field capacity, a balance at which air and water are supplied in adequate amounts to the growing crop. This balance is referred to as drainage and in the majority of cases on clay predominant soils is currently unsatisfactory and much out of fashion.

Good drainage starts with good dyke management and a well drained soil is less likely to become compacted from livestock treading or the passage of machinery.

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