• Philip

Identify Wild Oats

There are two common types of wild oat found in UK agriculture, Avena fatua and Avena sterilis ssp. ludoviciana (spring and winter) wild oats.

Avena ludoviciana is less common and originally found within a 100 mile radius of Oxford where it was first recorded in the wild in 1910.

Each species benefits from its own treatment regime and I see both during my work on farm. The other, often more common type is the volunteer or Tame Oat. These can easily become more of a problem than our two wild types.

When you have a variety of weed grasses within a field the first job is to establish what species is present and then the number of each per square metre so as to determine a treatment plan.

An easy way to determine what is what is to dig up the weed and have a look to see if you can see the seed from whence it came.

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