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Haricot Bean success?

Following on from our Blog posts in June Navy or Haricot beans, the raw material of baked beans, can be a "technical success" but what about a commercial one?

Success is likely to be largely due to new varieties, but such crops still suffer the problems that al­ways trouble this crop.

Seed survival to generate a commercial plant population is a challenge. You are not going to be able to save money on the seed rates especially considering this was “a lovely bit of soil.”

Weed control is going to be critical. Weeding by hand is not viable and sticking to a standard herbicide policy has significant drawbacks, especially for the combine operator.

If the crop is thin it is not going to grow very tall and looking at these photo’s a “thick crop” at 300 mm above the soil means you are going to want very flat fields to accommodate those wide combine headers. I do wonder how many of these pods are going to actually lie on the floor and never be harvested.

With a target yield of 5 t/ha that could be construed a success, but will that make them eco­nomically viable?

Let’s just keep watching for the time being and see what happens.

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