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Grass weeds

Much is talked about barley growing and the problems of grass weeds. It’s true, we have few options for selective herbicide use within the growing crop. Also, that all the products have their own little quirks in use.

Over the years I have advised on many farms where I have been taken by the land owner for an orientation visit to witness, from the comfort of the 4 wheel drive, no crop just a sea of grass weeds, hundreds and hundreds of acres just so.

Historically for Wild Oats and Ryegrass we used products such as Hoegrass or Grasp. We still have Avadex and re-formulations of older actives such as Pinoxaden and Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl.

One thing that does help with control is that of rotating Fop, Dim and Den herbicides but to do this you need to know what, when and where for it to really work well.

I have recently applied a range of herbicide actives to the remaining grass weeds in my barley crops and initial observations suggest they are performing well. With a bit of luck the crops will now grow, increase in green leaf area and these weeds will disappear into the base of the crop.


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