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Good investments ... good results

Oil seed rape crops continue to grow and develop well. I don’t have commercial infections of Club root on farm but I have now enquired about the possibility of studying infections as they appear this season.

I have often seen Cabbage Stem Flea beetle hopping around oil seed rape crops during the month of November so don’t think they have all disappeared in the latest deluge! (Nor will the aphids!)

The phoma risk is now officially high. With a programme based on two autumn sprays advised for these early drilled crops.

Spot Check; the collaboration between Bayer and ADAS, will be running again this year. I look forward to using this service as part of my ongoing monitoring for disease. Such a service which allows confirmation of infection(s) provides the opportunity for theoretically ideal application timings to be as good as they can be.

It’s also quite fantastic how well the early grass weed herbicides have worked, once more, in stopping blackgrass and cereals becoming troublesome. The effects from well timed Carbetamide applications removing the need for damaging applications of Clethodim (I appreciate you don’t see the damage until next year!) Photo Series: 1) Slow growth or club root?

2) Cabbage stem flea beetle damage on young OSR plants

3) Phoma leaf spotting

4) Carbetamide at work

5) Clethodim at work

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