• Philip

Game Cover....II

Much as I am still looking at large blocks of crop I still pay attention to the smaller areas such as the game cover.

We started to discuss this in our blog titled Game Cover on the 25th June and

I realised I had made a comment about the value of pre em herbicides without illustrating to you what to expect from them, in particular with Fat Hen.

Here we have a game crop, another mix of species but in this case a block that did receive its pre emergence herbicide.

You can see the Fat Hen inside and outside the game crop and the population density present. If you then look closer you can see the “sweep” of the sprayer and also where the “start point” was with the boom. Although it has not killed the entire Fat hen population it has removed a considerable amount and in so doing has reduced crop competition. It also means that any follow up treatment stands a better chance at success.

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