• Philip

Game Cover

It rained so now a most critical time emerges in the farming calendar that of planting your game cover so that the shooting enterprise has something for the birds later in the year. They do of course provide other important environmental benefits!

The “biodiversity” of last year’s sites varies enormously from well established plants to established weeds to bare earth as these photos show.

The weed burden is always high and attempting to sow anything without a herbicide plan before you start will entail additional cost and a reduced likelihood of success whether in weed control or established crop and hence “shooting success.”

One way to achieve success is to grow a single crop type. If you want a mixture then plant different species in tramline width or half widths apart or next to one another. That way you stand a chance of being able to manage them.

Blends and mixtures sound good and have great names but the practicalities of growing them EASILY are just not there. Seed size and sowing depth, seed metering, fertiliser requirements (legumes V brassica) and herbicide programmes are just a few of the pitfalls waiting each and every year.

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