• Philip

Further considerations on Potatoes

Following on from my post on the 4th June potato crops are at various stages of growth from just emerging to meeting down the rows.

Weed control has been somewhat of an issue this season. The pre ems have worked but not as well as one might have liked letting those weeds classed as either moderately susceptible or moderately resistant through in greater numbers that one would hope for.

The first blight spray has to meet several criteria including a rapidly expanding canopy, potential blight sources inside the field as well as outside and of course Alternaria. Full coverage of the canopy is also important not only now but with each successive application targeting not only leaves but stems as well. Machinery speed, boom height and nozzle choice playing an important part in the whole scheme of things.

Here we see the first blight spray has been applied but what of these little chaps on the underside of the leaf. Ware crops are perhaps not so important when considering virus infection but direct feeding damage along with specific varietal susceptibility are also important considerations.

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