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Focus on Peas

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Peas don’t like growing in compacted soils. Considering last winter not drilling the headland is not a bad idea.

Pea crops are growing well pushing through their growth stages.

Weevil damage appears in check and the pre em herbicides are working on grass and broad leaved weeds.

There are always a few weeds that escape so a well timed sequence of products needs to be considered. Remember there is a good reason for the 7, 10 or 14 day gap between chemical applications.

The Slideshow images below show the development of one pea crop in Gloucestershire.

According to the PGRO large blues have an optimum plant population that is required to afford the optimum yield. One of the first tasks is to determine the success of the drilling operation by taking representative plant counts. In this way projecting a yield outcome can commence based on firm data.

After this control of both broad leaved and grass weeds becomes critical. Their effect on this year’s crop in terms of yield and quality are in some ways overshadowed by the importance of reducing the seed return for the following crop.

All this is meaningless if the crop disappears before your eyes having been eaten by insect pests or fails to yield as expected because of a shortage of nitrogen as a result of insect activity.

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