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Field Trials

Not many field trials to visit this season, not with the COVID situation. However the plots are out there and the protocols accessible.

We saw the introduction of BASF’s new Triazole and the disappointment of not seeing Corvteva Inatreq. However there are other very promising new actives being trialled with the hope that “one day” they will attain government approval.

Trials don’t always show products off to their best since they are designed with many other objectives in mind. However the level of control from existing and new actives is not as impressive as some would like us to believe.

It’s easy to think there was little Septoria this year (dry spring + “Bravo”) that means all these plots should be disease free. That also means it is easy to think it will be easy to control Septoria next year?

I would caution you to think again. No “Bravo” and a continued decline in the curative performance of products are two reasons why. Much has been forgotten about what “curative” actually means and where the “statement” originated from. “Bayleton” was brilliant. We thought “Folicur“ was the bees knees and then “Opus” rewrote disease control in cereals.

We can no longer rely on any of these and there is no more “Bravo.” Beware the varieties you plant this autumn, disease control next spring will not be as easy as this.

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